How long does it take to get a building permit?

Review Timelines

Construction is up all over the metropolitan area so building departments are busy! Please schedule enough time for a plan review to keep your project on track. Typical plan review times are as follows:

Over the counter plan reviews - Not Available - Please submit applications & plans to -(Basement Finish, Small Remodels, Decks, Pergola’s, Patio Covers, and any other permit that requires a plan reviewer) 

"Due to the Coronavirus situation" some of the review timelines below have changed:

New house – custom or new model - 8 to 9 weeks for first comments  

New house – a master plan - 8 to 9 weeks for first comments

New house w/approved master plan - 8 to 9 weeks

New commercial –  7 to 8 weeks for first comments

Tenant finish - 7 to 8 weeks for first comments

Residential additions – 3 to 4 weeks for first comments 

Basement Finish  - 3 to 4 weeks

Exterior Residential - decks, covered patios, pergolas, gazebo, etc. - 3 to 4 weeks

Solar PV Systems - 4 to 5 weeks

Signs - 4 to 5 weeks

Windows - 4 to 5 weeks 

Water Heaters, Furnaces & A/C’s - 7 to 8 days

Re-Roofs - 7 to 8 days

The estimated times above are goals but are not guaranteed!

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