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  1. Title II Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Complaint Form

    City and County of Broomfield Title II Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Complaint Form

Contact Us

  1. Contact Us

    Use this form to submit an idea, general inquiry or to express a concern regarding a city/county matter.


  1. Join Communities that Care

    Get involved with Communities that Care.

Human Resources

  1. Change Your Name and/or Address for Payroll and Insurances

    Use this form to notify Human Resources of any change in your name and/or address.


  1. Purchase Suggestion

    Suggest a purchase: Book, CDs, DVDs, e-books

  1. What to Read

    Fill out the form below and tell us a little bit about what you like (and don't like) to read. We'll email you a list of 3 or more... More…


  1. Business Contact Information

    The following information is being obtained to assist the City and County of Broomfield Public Safety Communications Center in updating... More…

  2. Graffiti Reporting

    Help the Broomfield Police Department combat's a crime! If you live, work, or visit Broomfield and you spot graffiti,... More…

  3. Victim Services Feedback Form

    Victim Services Feedback Form

  1. Feedback
  2. Tomar Encuesta de Servicios a Víctimas

Risk Management

  1. Claim/Incident Report

    Risk Management Claim/Incident Report Form


  1. Streetlight Outage Report

    Report a streetlight outage for submittal to either Xcel Energy or United Power


  1. Water or Sewer Inquiries or Concerns

    Water or sewer concerns or questions

Video Contest - Economic Development

  1. Broomfield Business Spotlight - Video Contest

    Are you a Broomfield business? Submit your business story and why you love Broomfield! We will feature two or three local businesses on... More…