Transportation Demand Management (TDM) is about providing travelers, regardless of whether they drive alone, with travel choices, such as work location, route, time of travel, and mode. In the broadest sense, demand management is defined as providing travelers with effective choices to improve travel reliability. 

As a rapidly growing community, Broomfield is experiencing the transportation impacts associated with growth including congestion on major transportation corridors.  Broomfield supports programs that can help manage the impacts of congestion by offering alternative travel options.  Two primary TDM organizations operate in the City and County of Broomfield: Commuting Solutions and Smart Commute Metro-North.

Commuting Solutions

Commuting Solutions operates in the northwest Denver metro region and they are dedicated to delivering innovative transportation options that connect commuters to their workplaces, businesses to their employees, and residents to their communities. Through advocacy for infrastructure and transportation improvements, partnerships, and education, they create progressive, flexible transportation solutions. Commuting Solutions’ vision is to help foster a region with a rich blend of state-of-the-art, multi-modal travel options accessible to, and well-utilized by, those who call our region home. They work to hasten the day when transportation no longer contributes to climate change. (Commuting Solutions Vision Statement

Smart Commute Metro North

Smart Commute operates in the north Denver metro region, and in Broomfield along the US 287 and I-25 travel corridors.  Their mission is to work with communities and businesses to promote transportation options and improvements, foster economic vitality, and enhance mobility in the metro north region. (Smart Commute Metro North Mission Statement)