Keep our Streets Safe

Even though Broomfield has 50% fewer cars on the road right now, there have been 166% more car collisions compared to March 2019!

The City and County has modified signal timing in response, but your help is needed to keep Broomfield streets safe by following these three easy steps: 

๐Ÿšฆ Don’t run red lights - the increase in car collisions in Broomfield is largely due to red-light runners. If you feel like a light is not functioning properly, report it - don’t run it. 

๐Ÿš—When the light turns green, look, wait, and be seen! Take an extra moment to look for oncoming traffic - it can save your life! 

๐Ÿšธ Share the road - Be courteous, kind, and follow the rules of the road whether you’re driving, walking, bicycling, skating, scooting, etc.

Want to report a light that’s not working right? Call 303-438-6334. Remember, if a red light is not working, treat it as a four-way stop.

During this time of COVID consider the following:

  • Make essential trips only. Don’t take unnecessary driving trips.
  • Reducing the number of times you drive each week. Try to trip chain, by planning to run most of your essential errands in one trip outing. 
  • Recreate and exercise close to home, walk, or bike there if you can! Use your local parks, trails, and open space. 
  • Maintain 6’ of social distancing from people not of your household unit.
  • First responder resources are limited. Currently, the City and County of Broomfield asks that, for any collisions that do not involve drugs or alcohol, an injury, resulting in a blocked roadway, or involve a driver that fails to provide proof of insurance, the drivers exchange insurance and report the collision online.

Learn more about street safety at Street & Trail Safety.

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