The City and County of Broomfield’s transportation vision is to provide a well connected and well maintained multimodal transportation system that safely and effectively accommodates all modes (pedestrian, bicycle, automobile, bus, rail, and freight), provides mobility for goods and people of all ages and abilities while supporting economic development, reducing dependence on the single-occupant vehicle, and minimizing environmental impacts.

-2016 Broomfield Comprehensive Plan

Transportation is a basic human need that affects the quality of life every day. Broomfield residents require transportation to get to work, school, medical facilities, recreational amenities, shopping, and community and social activities. A well-connected and efficient transportation network allows access to higher-paying and varying job types, a wider selection of housing options, and more convenient health and human services. An integrated multimodal transportation system allows residents, employees, and visitors of Broomfield the freedom of personal mobility and choice of how to travel—whether it’s walking, biking, driving, carpooling, or riding public or private transportation.

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