Bike-N-Ride Shelters

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The City and County of Broomfield, RTD and Commuting Solutions have partnered to bring bicycling transit riders a more secure place to park a bike in Broomfield’s first Bike-n-Ride shelter at US 36 & Broomfield Station opening by end of year 2021. The Bike-n-Ride program makes it easy to combine bus trips and bike rides by using the shelter to complete the first or final mile of your transit trip.

Free access to the Bike-n-Ride shelter in Broomfield will give you access to other shelters along the US 36 corridor to lock up your bike and keep it more secure and sheltered from snow and rain.

Commuting Solutions manages two new Broomfield and Westminster locations, which will be available for those interested to apply for an access card that will give transit riders access to all the US 36 Bike-n-Ride shelters.

Learn more about the Bike-n-Ride shelters by visiting Commuting Solutions and apply for a free access card today!

Three more shelters are planned at the US 36 & Broomfield and US 36 & Flatiron Stations. Construction and opening are anticipated in 2022 for the remaining three locations.