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The City and County of Broomfield is rapidly growing in the north and in the southwest, as well as redeveloping and densifying in targeted areas throughout the community. Today, to serve Broomfield’s residents there are a number of transit options throughout the city.  These include US 36 Bus Rapid transit, fixed-route transit services on major corridors: US 36, US 287, 120th Avenue, Midway Blvd, and others.  Broomfield is also served by an on-demand transit service, the Flex Ride, that covers many parts of the community, RTD Access-A-Ride, and the Broomfield Easy Ride which is a transit service operated by Broomfield for older adults and those with disabilities.  

Broomfield is currently working with the Regional Transit District, CDOT, and regional municipalities to understand how to optimize the existing transit services and identify where future transit expansion can generate the most positive impact for our citizens.  

The transit network includes fixed-route bus service, rail, FlexRide, and human services transportation.

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