Motor Vehicle

We are now open for walk-in service again!

We are also available by appointment, if you prefer.

The City and County of Broomfield, Motor Vehicle office, can only title, register, and renew registrations for Broomfield County residents.  If you do not live in Broomfield County, please contact the Motor Vehicle office for the County in which you reside.


"The DMV discovered an issue with September Renewal Card notices showing that insurance is required, even though the record shows that insurance is not required." DOR dmv communications

You may still be able to renew online or at a kiosk even if your renewal card indicates that proof of insurance is required. If you insurance does need to be verified please mail a copy of your insurance card in with your payment.

New requirement for titling or registering a heavy vehicle

Effective 06/14/2021 - Any new title or registration transaction involving a heavy vehicle that weighs between 4,501 - 10,000 lbs (pick-ups, cargo vans, box trucks, motorhomes, etc) with an out of state title or registration will need to have a certified weight slip prior to coming to our office. If your truck, van, etc is under 4501 or over 10000 then the weight needs to be documented on your registration or title to be exempt from a certified weight slip 

NOTE: This office is not a Driver's License location.

You can locate a driver's license/ID/Motor Vehicle Record office here.

Easy Ways to Renew your Vehicle Plates

  • Online
    Please note: Additional fees may be assessed for online transactions
  • MV Express Kiosk
    Broomfield Town Center King Soopers at 12167 Sheridan Blvd.
  • Download the App
  • Mail
    •  Please send your check made payable to Broomfield County and mail to:
      •  1 Descombes Dr. Broomfield CO 80020 (Please write your license plate number on the check).