Code Compliance

Code ComplianceOur Mission and Responsibilities

The Code Compliance Division is responsible for the enforcement of our municipal ordinances that protect the basic character of residential and business areas through the investigation of items such as junk vehicles, weeds and rubbish complaints, and zoning violations.  We preserve the quality of Broomfield neighborhoods by ensuring compliance with the regulations of the Municipal Code designed to maintain a quality appearance for the community.

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News and Updates:

It is Fall in Broomfield and residents will soon begin the annual job of cleaning up the leaves from their yards.  The Code Compliance Division would like to remind residents that it is unlawful to rake, sweep, mow, blow, or otherwise deposit leaves and other yard refuse into the public streets and storm drains.  Yard refuse, including leaves, must be placed into a proper disposal receptacle or mulched.  

If a Code Compliance Officer observes yard refuse deposited in the public street (or a complaint is received), you will be issued a notice to correct the violation and/or issued a court summons.  

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Thank you Broomfield for working with us to keep our community safe and beautiful!