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Map of all oil and gas operations in Broomfield. Currently being developed pads map & schedule.

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LookoutAlert is the official emergency notification system of the regional collaborative of Jefferson County and all cities within it, the City and County of Broomfield and the City of Westminster (to include both Adams County and Jefferson County portions of the city). Through LookoutAlert, emergency responders are able to provide emergency and public safety messages to residents.

The Broomfield Police Department is moving its emergency notification system to the LookoutAlert platform because of enhanced system capabilities. LookoutAlert replaces the previous emergency notification system known as CodeRED. Individuals who were signed up for CodeRED have been automatically enrolled into LookoutAlert. These residents do not need to sign up again, but are encouraged to set up an account in the new platform to be able to choose what types of alerts they want to receive and to review and update their information when necessary. You can receive emergency alerts via text, email, and/or voice message. Sign up for emergency alerts at LookoutAlert Emergency Notifications.


Following the smoke plume incident on Jan. 14 at the Northwest Oil and Gas Pad, please see the following apology from the operator to the City Council and Broomfield Community. 

Additionally, the City and County of Broomfield anticipates a comprehensive, detailed package from the operator on Monday that will provide a detailed timeline of the event, a root cause analysis, equipment replacements and verifications, and process/procedural modifications to the shut-down and start-up protocol, which will include specific preemptive notifications to the City and County of Broomfield and North Metro Fire Rescue District. 

We have also been informed that the planned swab maintenance activities on the Livingston Pad scheduled to start have been postponed until further notice.

--- Civitas Apology to Broomfield Community --- 

Civitas Resources extends our sincere apology to the City and County of Broomfield community and organization for failing to clearly communicate the timeline of events before, during, and after the January 14 event at the Northwest Pad. 

The City and County of Broomfield accurately reported the timeline after the flare and smoke occurred as we reported it to them. However, we regret that we did not communicate sufficiently the details around the event that caused the automatic shutdown earlier in the day on Friday. 

To clarify, a valve malfunction led to an automated system shutdown, and once repaired, it was the subsequent ‘start-up’ action that created the flash and black smoke plume at the Northwest B Pad. More specifically, field crews were not aware that a residual amount of flowback fluid remained in a 20 to a 30-foot segment of the flowline before restarting the pad. Upon startup, that fluid was sent to the combustor in accordance with the facility process design, and the burning of that liquid at start-up caused the heavy, black smoke.

By the end of the day on Monday, January 24, we will be providing a full root cause analysis of the specific event and details of the comprehensive procedural changes in operations to minimize the risk of a recurrence, as well as an enhanced notification protocol. This approach, I hope, will provide a higher level of communication, transparency, and accountability moving forward. 

Again, I wanted to extend our sincere regrets for the alarm and fear caused by the restart of this facility. We certainly understand the heightened sensitivity in light of the recent devastation caused by the Marshall Fire.


A large black smoke plume was reported around 4 p.m. on Friday, January 14 at the Northwest A Oil and Gas Pad, near Zuni St. and 160th Ave.  

North Metro Fire and Broomfield Police were dispatched to the site, upon arrival, fire crews found no smoke visible from Northwest A Pad. North Metro Fire was in contact with the operator to confirm the status of the operations at the pad, visibly inspected both Northwest Pad sites, and confirmed there was no smoke, fire or odors.

The operator was also in contact with Broomfield's oil and gas inspectors immediately after the equipment malfunction. 

While the plume was initially very noticeable and everyone remained on high alert from the Marshall Fire, the smoke was a result of a separator malfunction. The safety protocol/process worked as intended with the excess liquid product directed into the safety chamber to be successfully combusted. Upon combustion,  a flash flame was visible for a short period of time leading some residents to assume there was a fire. 

Broomfield has 7 day/week inspections coverage in order to monitor operations on the pad sites. They too confirmed the safety procedure worked as designed when the separator malfunction occurred. The unit that malfunctioned was immediately shut down and repaired. Subsequent testing of the unit confirmed it is now operating as intended. 

Broomfield staff continues to debrief and discuss, in detail with the operator, the cause of the malfunction and their plan to reduce the risk of recurrence.


The consultation with Colorado Department of Public Health's (CDPHE) Air Pollution Control Division (APCD) regarding Broomfield’s observed air quality monitoring data since the resumption of development activities at the Extraction Oil & Gas pads in northern Broomfield occurred January 5th and can be viewed here.

APCD provided a slide show presentation which can be seen here. 


The City and County of Broomfield Department of Public Health and Environment and Colorado School of Public Health at the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz campus are working together to better understand the health implications of living near oil and gas development. To accomplish this, CCOB and CSPH conducted a research study that involved a health survey sent to 1,600 randomly selected households in Broomfield. This survey asked questions about recent health symptoms. The responses to this survey will help inform the City and County of Broomfield, health experts, policymakers, and the broader scientific community about the potential health implications of living near oil and gas in our community. Learn more about the survey here. 

Ten participants were randomly selected to receive $50 Amazon gift cards. If you were selected, you will hear from us directly. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


  • The noise variance hearing set for tonight (9/30/21) has been canceled. It is not being held in a closed meeting. The applicant, Extraction, requested a postponement of the hearing on its noise variance request as a result of the District Court's order on Extraction's appeal of its municipal court noise convictions.  The order was issued Tuesday, September 28, and the District Court ruled that the noise ordinance does not apply to Extraction.
  • Separate and apart from the noise hearing, the City and County Attorney requested an executive session with City Council to discuss the Court's order on the noise appeal.  This is a closed executive session for the purpose of having an attorney-client privilege discussion on the Court's order and legal impacts.
  • The noise variance hearing was not converted to a closed meeting.  The noise variance hearing - any variance hearing - cannot be held in private. The City Council's consideration of any variance request is a quasi-judicial hearing and the deliberations must be in public.


  • Extraction has provided Broomfield with an anticipated schedule of operations at the Interchange, Northwest, and United well pads for 2021 and 2022. Extraction's anticipated schedule of operations can be viewed here. Broomfield’s oil and gas inspectors continue to be onsite and inspecting Extraction operations at these well pads daily. Broomfield has air quality monitoring and sound monitoring in place now, in anticipation of these upcoming operations.


  • Broomfield has revised its oil and gas regulations. First Reading of the proposed regulations at a City Council meeting occurred on April 27th and the Second Reading and passage of the regulations occurred at the May 11th City Council meeting. View the final draft of the oil and gas regulations here.
  • 2/11/2021: The City and County of Broomfield has been informed that Extraction Oil and Gas intends to resume drilling operations in Broomfield in 2021. Specific plans, sites, or schedules have not been provided, although requested repeatedly, as this information is needed to best deploy air quality monitoring equipment and other resources available. The City and County of Broomfield remain committed to prioritizing the health and safety of residents and the community. More information will be provided when possible.

FAQ: Extraction Bankruptcy here.


The City and County of Broomfield is committed to providing responsive and effective leadership by supporting open, transparent and accountable government. Please use the links at the top of the website and below for additional operational information.

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Note The Local Government Designee is notified by the State anytime a permit for oil and gas activity is requested within the City and County of Broomfield.

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