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Residents are invited to submit comments regarding The City and County of Broomfield’s 2020 Proposed, Urban Renewal Authority, Housing Authority, and Arista Local Improvement District budgets. The public hearing is scheduled during the regular City Council meeting, October 8, 2019, beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, Broomfield Municipal Center, One DesCombes Drive.

Citizens may also submit comments by 12 p.m., Tuesday, October 8, through an online form or in writing to:

City and County of Broomfield Finance Department
One DesCombes Drive
Broomfield, CO 80020
Phone: (303) 438-6357
Fax: (303) 464-5105

Please click here to review the 2020 Proposed Budget.

Please click here to review the 2020 Capital Improvement Project Plan.

building Finance Department Responsibilities

The Finance Department is responsible for the efficient collection of city and county revenues, controlling the city and county's financial assets, disbursement of city and county expenditures, purchasing and employee payroll. The department includes budget, fiscal management, risk management, purchasing, utility billing, sales tax, public trustee, and treasurer.

money sign Sales Tax Rates

Jurisdiction Citywide except special districts Arista Improvement District (A-LID) Flatiron Improvement District (FID)
State of Colorado* 2.9%
RTD/CD* 1.10%
City & County of Broomfield 4.15%
Total 8.15%

Table Key and Notes

* Collected by the Colorado Department of Revenue on State Return

Please note that Broomfield's Lodging Tax is not figured into the above table. The lodging Excise Tax is 1.6% and is now collected on the Broomfield City and County Return.

City and County Budgets

5-Year Capital Improvement Project Plan

2020 Proposed Budget 2020 CIP Plan
2019 Budget 2019 CIP Plan
2018 Budget 2018 CIP Plan
2017 Budget 2017 CIP Plan
2016 Budget 2016 CIP Plan
2015 Budget 2015 CIP Plan

Annual Reports (CAFR)

Financial Plans

2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2013 Long Range Financial Plan
2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2009 Long Range Financial Plan
2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2005 Long Range Financial Plan
2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Budget Tracking Reports

January 2019 July 2018
February 2019 August 2018
March 2019 September 2018
April 2019 October 2018
May 2019 November 2018
June 2019 December 2018

Investment Reports
January 2019 July 2018
February 2019
August 2018
March 2019 September 2018
April 2019 October 2018
May 2019
November 2018
June 2019
December 2018

graph Debt Analysis

- December 31, 2018, Debt Analysis


Vendor Information and Open Bids

Get details on how to do business with the City and County of Broomfield. You can also see a list of open projects and bids for the city and county.

info Vendor Payment Information

The City and County of Broomfield is committed to providing responsive and effective leadership by supporting open, transparent and accountable government.

We believe that open and transparent government requires that government business should be open to effective public review. View Broomfield’s Financial Data with easy to use search tools, graphs and more with the ACCOUNTability tool.