Leaks/High Water Usage

By design, the water meters used within Broomfield typically cannot over-register usage. The vast majority of our water meters are electro-mechanical devices that move forward only if there is water flowing past the gauge. However, with normal wear and tear, water may tend to "slip" past the components without being measured, which causes the meter to "slow down" (not "speed up"), resulting in readings that are in fact lower than the actual consumption.

If your water usage seems unusual, it's possible that your unique circumstances might have changed (visitors from out of town, recent landscaping, modified sprinkler settings, etc.). More often than not, there could be a leak somewhere in your plumbing system, although you may not necessarily be able to see or hear it clearly.

How to detect water leaks in and around your property:

If you have checked for leaks and still suspect a problem, you may want to contact a qualified plumber to inspect the system and make any further recommendations.

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