Slow the Flow Sprinkler Evaluations

If you are interested in making changes to become more water efficient but don’t know where to start, request a free Residential Sprinkler Evaluation!

Slow the Flow Colorado: Sprinkler Evaluations

Broomfield, along with 22 Colorado communities, has partnered with Resource Central (RC) to help you learn where you are using water and how to use it more efficiently. Broomfield has contracted for a limited number of inspections that will be performed by Resource Central on a first come, first served basis. Inspections may be scheduled online using the links below. 

Many irrigation systems can benefit from simple changes, such as repairing or adjusting sprinkler heads, ensuring appropriate operating pressure, and implementing appropriate water schedules. Increasing irrigation system efficiency and learning about the best management practices has many benefits for you, the community, and the environment. It can reduce the demand for water during peak service hours and help avoid unnecessary costs to the water system. It can save you money and provide knowledge to cultivate a healthier landscape. The amount of runoff associated with inefficient irrigation and improper watering practices can be significantly reduced. This helps avoid damage to sidewalks and streets and also results in improved stormwater quality.

This inspection is free and open to all customer classes: residential, commercial, HOA and industrial.  If you request an inspection, RC will ask you to sign a release to allow the city to provide these records.

Request a Residential Sprinkler Evaluation or call Resource Central at 303-999-3824.

Outdoor Water Use Infographic


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