Broomfield's Developing Places

Our community has evolved over 60 years, from a few housing neighborhoods and businesses into a globally-connected, diverse city.  Now, with over 75,000 residents and more than 40,000 employees working in over a thousand businesses and organizations, Broomfield is one of Colorado’s strong and thriving places to live and work. The community is home to many interesting, fun and successful places to visit, shop and enjoy, spread widely across our 34 square miles. But even with all of this, the community is missing true gathering places, in part due to Broomfield’s geography and pattern of development.

But Broomfield is getting ready to change that with four great Developing Places coming online where you, your family, friends, work colleagues and visitors can shop, dine, learn and create - and just linger.  These four gathering places will serve immediate neighborhood markets, and also the broader community and metro markets and customers.  Like stones in a stream, they compliment and fit together, creating strong experiences and journeys of discovery and fun.  

Each of the four Developing Places have a different character, mix of businesses, uses, activities and development path:

  • Baseline, Center Street (located near Sheridan Rd and CO-7 in northeast Broomfield)
    • Baseline’s Center Street planned to become the shopping, dining and cultural hub of Broomfield’s rapidly growing northeast area
  • Broomfield Town Square (located near Main St and 120th in central Broomfield)
    • Broomfield Town Square is a mixed-use, infill project nestled near Broomfield’s original residential areas and many civic and social activities
  • FlatIrons Crossing (located near US 36 and Interlocken Loop in northwest Broomfield)
  • Arista with the Event Center (located near US 36 and Wadsworth Pkwy in south central Broomfield)
    • FlatIrons Crossing and Arista are experiencing continued growth and development, along with catalytic redevelopment

Whatever you call it - village, downtown, square, center, district or whatever - these will become the gathering places for Broomfielders, and those across the metro and region, for living, working, gathering, playing, shopping and dining for years to come.

The following snapshots encompass the four major projects that are happening within Broomfield that will ultimately create true gathering places for our community. Select from the buttons below to visit the specific sites to get the latest on the progress and timeline from the lead developers of each project, with links to their project websites and any city and county actions and updates.