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About the Initiatives

Broomfield’s Comprehensive Plan makes environmental stewardship a focal point of long-term social, economic, and environmental health. The City & County are working to expand these efforts to create a community that meets resident goals for energy, water conservation, local food and agriculture, business sustainability, and multi-modal transportation.

Featured Project

Broomfield and the Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability (ACES) are pleased to announce the official kickoff of our waste diversion initiative: Waste Zero. Find out more & get involved!

Other Projects


Did you know Broomfield now has two commercial-grade, dual-port electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the Health and Human Services (HHS) building at 10+ 0 Spader Way? These Level 2 chargers can fully charge an EV in about three hours! Check the PlugShare map for more locations in Broomfield. 

  • Renewable Energy (coming soon)
  • Water Resilience (coming soon)

Urban Air Quality Monitoring Project Information

Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) stations tracks a number of airborne compounds such as:

  • nitrogen oxides (NOx, a precursor to ozone)
  • airborne particulate matter (PM 2.5)
  • volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

These metrics, along with meteorological conditions, will provide data for Broomfield’s air quality monitoring program to better understand the factors that influence our local and regional air quality. As a result of oil and gas development in northern Broomfield, Broomfield contracted with Ajax/CSU in 2019 to protect the health and safety of residents living near extraction pads. Ten AQM stations remain surrounding continuing operations.

View the Fact Sheet on Urban Air Quality Monitoring Stations