2019 Broomfield100 web banners_visit your local open space park

The Broomfield 100 gives you the opportunity to explore the beauty and diversity of nature in your own backyard. Share the wonders of the great outdoors with your children, have fun, and be healthy at the same time!

Participate in the Broomfield 100, using the Broomfield 100 Web app to plan your visit to each trail, find areas of interest along the way, and add your name to the community guestbook to share your trail adventures even when physical distancing.

Check back for this years featured trails!

Check back for a link to the Broomfield 100 Web app!

The Broomfield 100 promotes outdoor exercise, healthy living, and the opportunity to learn about Broomfield and its trail system. To complete a loop or trail, it is not necessary to cover the entire mileage of a trail, but rather to visit the site, learn the trail connections, and enjoy the area! Share the wonders of the great outdoors with those you love and ‘check in’ on the Virtual Passport or post to social media with the hashtag #wearebroomfield to win prizes. Learn about new trails, have fun, and be healthy at the same time!

Public art features are also listed for each trail. For more info on Broomfield’s public art pieces, visit www.BroomfieldPublicArt.com.

Trail Guidelines  

Basic Trail Etiquette 

  • Stay on the right side of the trail moving with the flow of traffic, except to pass. Pass on the left.
  • Do not block the path by standing in the middle; leave at least half of the trail open for passing.
  • When bicycling, slow down and notify other trail users before passing.
  • Bicyclists must yield to hikers.
  • Stay on existing trails. Avoid creating new trails and causing damage to the landscape.
  • Full trail etiquette can be found on the Broomfield Trail Map at Broomfield.org/trailmap.

 For any other trail questions, contact Open Space and Trails at openspace@broomfield.org