Open Space Speaker Series

Show your support for Broomfield Open Space and learn more about trends, local wildlife, and opportunities to increase your enjoyment of open space. This event is sponsored by the Broomfield Open Space Foundation and the City and County of Broomfield Open Space and Trails Department. These programs are free to attend and no registration is required.

Spring 2021 Speaker Series

Wednesdays, 7 - 8 p.m.
All of the presentations will be held as a Zoom Webinar, connect here, passcode 913802

Dial in by Phone: 877 853 5247
Webinar ID: 986 7208 8334
Passcode: 913802

March 3


“Owls of Colorado” with Emily M. Davenport, Co-Executive Director of Nature’s Educators, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and Licensed Falconer

From the diminutive Northern Pygmy Owl to the awe inspiring Snowy Owl, Colorado is home to a vast array of owl species. Join us for an intimate look into the lives of Colorado Owls, learn about their habitats and adaptations, conservation concerns, as well as a behind the scenes look into what it takes to rehabilitate a variety of owl species and how we can help conserve and protect them in our modern world. 

Emily M. Davenport has been a champion for wildlife and the environment for over a decade. She founded the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Alliance in 2017 which merged with Nature's Educators in 2019. She currently serves as Co-Executive Director of Nature's Educators and additionally serves as Vice President of the Board for The Echo Wildlife. Emily earned her BFA in Illustration from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, where her focus was on veterinary and medical illustration.This presentation is sponsored by Broomfield Open Space Foundation and Open Space and Trails Department.

April 7


“Coyotes of Broomfield” with Emily Beam, PhD Student and Researcher at CU-Boulder, Environmental Studies Program and Joelle Cicak,Multimedia Artist and Masters Students at CU-Boulder

Joelle and Emily are both graduate students at CU Boulder in the Art and Environmental Studies programs respectively. Joelle Cicak's artistic work has always focused on natural settings. Growing up against a stretch of forest in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, she was taught at a young age the intricacies that exist between humans and the environments we share. Her work focuses on the tensions, the contradictions, the rarities, and the tenderness that occur within these shared spaces -- both on the micro level of the backyard and the macro of national land management and species conservation. In the fall of 2020, Joelle completed her Master's thesis in Fine Arts with work focusing on her relationship with her childhood backyard as a personal exploration into her own foundational experiences with nature. She hopes her work will encourage others to look closer and to contemplate longer the environments that we cohabit. Emily grew up in the southeast with a fierce appreciation for ecology and animal conservation. She ended up in Colorado after spending some time in the coastal marshes of the southeastern United States and the grasslands of Eastern Africa. She completed her Master’s work on Broomfield coyote behavior in the summer of 2020, and is currently working on doctoral research focused on coyotes across the western US. She is looking forward to a career that will better collective understandings of wildlife and inform management practices. Together, Joelle and Emily are committed to the marriage of art and science in the pursuit of  better representing the complexities of the natural world.

April 28


“The Summits, Songs, and Science Project” with Dr. Ulyana Horodyskyj Peña

The Summits, Songs, and Science project was started by a husband and wife team, Ricardo and Ulyana Peña back in 2017. Their goal is to climb the 100 highest peaks in Colorado, the 50 US state highpoints and the 7 Summits (the highest peaks on every continent). They also hope to inspire and connect people around the world by promoting the joys and benefits of fitness (mountaineering), culture (music) and critical thinking (science). Dr. Ulyana Horodyskyj Peña, as a scientist, professor and polar guide, offers a unique perspective on her explorations around the planet, having visited and worked on all 7 continents before age 23. She is the founder of Science in the Wild, an adventure citizen science company focused on introducing the public to the joys of science through in-person and virtual adventure science experiences around the world. She and her husband are based in Broomfield, Colorado. This presentation is sponsored by Broomfield Open Space Foundation and Open Space and Trails Department.

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