Local Emergency Planning Committee


The Broomfield Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) provides program oversight and makes recommendations for policy as it relates to the emergency management program. This committee serves as the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) responsible for the implementation of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act. Additionally, the committee serves as the Critical Infrastructure Committee and the Citizen Corps Council.

The LEPC establishes and enforces bylaws that define meeting procedures, public meeting notices, decision-making, meeting frequency, and any special provisions. The emergency manager schedules meetings, sets agendas, and facilitates meetings.


Membership of the LEPC is bound by certain requirements as a result of its role as LEPC. To meet the statutory requirements in Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-know Act of performing as the Local Emergency Planning Committee and representing a broad cross-section of the local stakeholders, at a minimum, the following membership shall apply:

  • Elected official(s) - The emergency manager shall be the designated representative to the City and County council
  • Executive staff - City and County Manager; Assistant City and County Manager
  • Local government staff - All departments heads as applicable
  • Community volunteer agencies – FISH, Inc. of Broomfield; Community Services Network
  • First responders - Broomfield Police Department; North Metro Fire Rescue District
  • Citizens - local residents
  • Emergency Management staff
  • Private sector stakeholders - local businesses
  • Infrastructure reps - school districts


  • Define the vision, mission, scope, and values of the community and organization as it relates to the various emergency management program areas
  • Champion the goals and objectives of the emergency management program into the community and respective organizations
  • Strategic planning and policy development along with emergency manager
  • Review and comment on program priorities
  • Review and provide recommendations for plans and supporting documents
  • Make recommendations for Critical Infrastructure Key Resources assessment
  • Provide input into community preparedness programs; promote community participation and volunteer opportunities in preparedness activities; provide input into citizen corps programs such as Neighborhood Watch
  • Provide assistance and input into developing and implementing a multi-year training and exercise program

Contact the LEPC committee at lepc@broomfield.org

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