Elected Officials

Mayor and Mayor-Pro Tem

Guyleen Castriotta Headshot
Guyleen Castriotta, Mayor  
Ph: 720.607.1527
Stan Jezierski.jpg Head shot
Stan Jezierski, Mayor-Pro Tem
Ph: 720.272.2158


City Council Members

                                                       Ward 1 
James Marsh-Holschen Headshot
 James Marsh-Holschen
 Ph: 720.507.9184 
Stan Jezierski.jpg Head shot Stan Jezierski
Ph: 720.272.2158

                                                       Ward 2

William Lindstedt Headshot  William Lindstedt
 Ph: 720.635.7820
Austin Ward headshot
 Austin Ward
 Ph: 303.817.0991

                                              Ward  3

Jean Lim headshot  Jean Lim
 Ph: 303.349.2745
Councilmember Deven Shaff  Deven Shaff
 Ph: 970.344.8032

                                                       Ward 4

Laurie Anderson Headshot  Laurie Anderson
 Ph: 920.378.9654
CM Leslie
 Bruce Leslie
 Ph: 210.324.5750

                                                       Ward 5

Heidi Henkel Headshot   Heidi Henkel
  Ph: 303.349.0978 
Todd Cohen
  Todd Cohen
   Ph: 720.900.5452 

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City Officials

Jennifer Hoffman Headshot
 Jennifer Hoffman, City and County Manager       
Ph: 303.438.6300
Nancy Rodgers Headshot Nancy Rodgers, City and County Attorney
Ph: 303.438.6302