20 Volunteers in 20 Years

City Manager stands with volunteer holding framed letter and smiling for the camera
Jim Sparks sits laughing in chair with wife standing behind him smiling
City Manager stands with volunteer holding framed letter and smiling for the camera

In honor of Broomfield County's 20th anniversary, 20 outstanding City and County of Broomfield (CCOB) volunteers were recognized for their dedication and service to their community in 2021.

These dedicated community members have served countless hours volunteering for a variety of CCOB programs and services. From educating the public about wildlife to tutoring teens to supporting victims of crime, each volunteer has contributed their own unique passions and talents. Whether they've been volunteering for CCOB for one year or for decades, each of them has made a difference in their community.

To these 20 outstanding volunteers, THANK YOU for your service!

The 20 Volunteers:

Becca MacAskill - Police Department, Victim Services

Ed & Judith Friedman - The Broomfield Library

Will Fulton - The Broomfield Library

Jen Gornstein - The Broomfield Library

Kris Harris - Public Health

Sheri Hoffman - Wildlife Masters, Open Space

Mary Juszynski - Senior Services and the Broomfield Library

Lee Kemp - Police Department, Victim Services

Betsy Klein - Therapeutic Recreation

Duane Kuhn - Police Department, in memoriam

Mike McNulty - CSU Extension

Ilene Niehoff - Recreation and Senior Services

Kerry Pettis - The Broomfield Library and Senior Services

Dr. David Price - Public Health

Denise Price - Open Space

Colleen Sawyer - The Broomfield Library

Barb Sloan - Police Department, Victim Services

Jim Sparks - The Woodshop (Broomfield Community Center)

Tina Thomas - Public Health

Billie Zuccaro - Senior Services

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Interested in learning how you can give back to your community? Visit Broomfield.org/Volunteering to learn about volunteer opportunities with CCOB!