City Council Meetings

Thank you for your interest in the City and County of Broomfield and wanting to be more involved by attending and participating in a public meeting. City council meetings are open for anyone to attend and attendees have the option to give public comment on any subject or a topic specific to an agenda item.

New Agenda Management System

The City and County of Broomfield has transitioned to a new agenda management system, aimed at improving both internal processes and the end-user experience. The platform is designed to enhance staff’s ability to serve city council and the community by fostering improved workflows, responsiveness, flexibility and efficiency. 

Navigating new systems can be challenging. If you have questions when using the new system, check out the New Agenda Management System User Guide for some simple tips on the agendas, attachments and watching a live meeting or recorded meeting.

To find out more about meetings, read through the sections below. Council procedures and rules of order are followed at each meeting. Visit the Council Meetings Process and Order web page for more details. 

When, Where and Agenda

  • WHEN: City Council meetings are held most Tuesdays at 6 p.m.
  • WHERE: George Di Ciero City & County Building Council Chambers - 1 DesCombes Drive
  • AGENDA: View the upcoming or current meeting agenda (generally posted the Wednesday before) on the agenda management portal; select the “Agenda Available” link for the meeting in which you are interested
  • UPCOMING DATES: View upcoming city council meeting dates on the council calendar within the agenda management portal

Watch a Live Meeting

To watch a live meeting virtually, connect to the agenda management portal once the meeting has begun and select the “Watch Live Meeting” link. Selecting this link will take you right into the video of that meeting and include the agenda for your convenience.

Participate in a Meeting

Community members can participate during a live meeting either in person or virtually.

How to participate PRIOR to a meeting: 

Provide written comments to for Council's review. To view comments submitted, visit the Council Memo Correspondence folder and select the year and then the meeting date you are seeking. Comments received on the day of the meeting may not be immediately available.

Public Comment

In Person
If attending the meeting in-person, once the mayor has indicated it is time for public comment, please make your way to the podium. Speak clearly into the microphone so that all in the room and attending virtually can hear your comments. If you have visuals or other documentation you’d like to provide to the meeting body, you can give that to a staff member after providing your public comment.

If attending the meeting virtually, call 1-855-695-3744 starting at 6 p.m. and press star-3 (*3) on your keypad and an operator will ask for your name, neighborhood and topic you’d like to speak on. You will then be placed in the queue.

General Public Comment
General public comment is a time to provide information to the city council on something that IS NOT on the agenda for that meeting. General public comment is taken toward the beginning of the meeting. Please note that the City Council does not engage in a dialogue during public comment and time may be limited for public comment at the discretion of the Mayor. 

Public Comment on an Agenda Item
As the city council begins to get into the action items on the agenda, public comment is taken so that attendees may provide thoughts to the city council on items that ARE on the agenda for that meeting. Public comment for any particular agenda item is taken after staff and petitioner presentations and before council questions.

Time Limits
Generally, each commenter will have three minutes for comment unless there is a large number of people requesting to speak, at which time  a 90-minute limit may be imposed: first 1-15 speakers will have three minutes; next 16-25 speakers will have two minutes; and 26+ speakers will have one-minute until a 90-minute cap is reached.  Speakers may be asked if they oppose, support or are neutral on an item and the speaker order may alternate between the groups. Additionally,  Broomfield residents may be given priority for public comment. The Mayor, as presiding officer for the meetings, can modify or impose additional time limits as needed.

View Meeting Documents and Videos, Past and Present

We are currently in a transition between platforms, so follow instructions below for where to find current and past videos and documents. The timing for records kept for the City and County of Broomfield follows the official retention policy: city council audio or video recordings of official meetings are retained for five years; agendas, packets, minutes, resolutions and ordinances are permanent records.

Jan. 16, 2024 and Beyond

Agendas, minutes, meeting packets, videos and other available documents for these meetings can be located within the agenda management portal. On this page, find the date of the meeting you are interested in. In the far right column, select the video link to watch the video or the “Minutes Available” link to open the minutes document. You can also filter by board and date with the dropdowns above the list.

From the left column navigation, you can also select to see meetings in the calendar view or use the search option to find agenda items on any document that is within the agenda management portal.

Between 2019 and Jan. 16, 2024 

Search past council meetings, agendas, minutes and other documents on the previous meeting management platform within this time period by using the search bar or opening the tab of the year of the meeting you are interested in.

Staff presentation slides from each meeting are available back to Oct. 10, 2021, in the Staff Presentations folder. Select the year and then the meeting date you are seeking. They are available approximately 24 hours after the meeting.

Previous to 2019

If you would like access to a document that is previous to those shared on the website, submit an open records request. Please be as specific as possible as to the record(s) you are seeking.