***Starting June 1, many City and County of Broomfield services will offer walk-in, by appointment, or virtual services —or all three—for the convenience and safety of residents. Please note many, if not all, services are also available online via self-service, or over the phone.  Access facility hours, online services and ways to make appointments at***

About The Assessor

Colorado state statutes require county assessors to place a value on all property. Colorado law stresses fairness, and all county assessors, including Broomfield’s, are bound by the law.

Why does the Assessor value our property?

One of the revenues that Colorado counties have to use in providing services is property tax. Mill levies are set by taxing entities and the amounts collected are derived from the values of real property and commercial personal property as determined by assessors.  These values are used to create the property tax revenues that support schools, fire protection, roads, special districts and other local services. All of the revenue generated by property taxes stays within your county. Property taxes do not support state services.