Plastic Pollution Reduction Act

Starting Jan. 1, 2024, single-use plastic bags will be banned statewide at most stores and retail food establishments. Stores may only give out recycled paper bags for a fee, as part of the statewide Plastic Pollution Reduction Act, passed in 2021. Polystyrene (Styrofoam™) products used as containers for ready-to-eat food and drinks will also be banned as of January 2024.

The Act requires stores with more than three locations in Colorado to charge a fee ($0.10) for recycled paper bags. 

Sixty percent of the bag fees collected will go to the municipality, while stores retain the remaining funds. Municipalities must use their share to pay for administrative costs, enforcement and education or outreach programs supporting waste diversion.

Polystyrene (Styrofoam™) Product Ban

The polystyrene cup and food container ban applies to all retail food establishments in Colorado. According to Colorado law, a retail food establishment store is one that prepares or packages food for humans and provides the food to people either directly or through a delivery service. Retailers that only sell prepackaged food they purchase from a third party and sell in its original package are exempt. 

Businesses may refer to the Toolkit: A Guide to Sustainable Serviceware for Restaurants and Food Prep Businesses developed by Eco-cycle which may help businesses prepare for the polystyrene ban.

How do businesses comply with the bag fee?

All reporting and remitting of the fees are required. A store is required to remit on a quarterly basis to the City and County of Broomfield using the Disposable Bag Fee Form. Please Note: the fee reporting and remittance is separate from the regular sales tax return submissions.

Businesses with multiple locations in Broomfield can provide one (1) consolidated form and corresponding check. The report must clearly list each location and collection separately.

Forms and checks should be mailed to:
CCOB Finance Department
c/o Accounting Division
One Descombes Drive
Broomfield, CO 80020

Why the Plastic Reduction Act Matters

Did you know the average person uses over 300 plastic bags each year? Because plastic bags are produced from non-renewable resources, they are very difficult to recycle. So, while most thin plastic bags are typically used for minutes, they will be around for more than 500 years and even longer in landfills. Plastic bags that end up mixed with other recyclables are also a major contaminant at recycling facilities. Instead of putting those plastic bags into your garbage, bring them to an approved retailer that can recycle them, like King Soopers or Walmart.

When polystyrene is not properly disposed of, it can degrade and harm wildlife and contaminate waterways. Styrene, a main ingredient of polystyrene, is a dangerous chemical for human health. 

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