Public Works Department

There are eight divisions within the Public Works Department.  The Department employs over 140 full-time and part-time staff with an annual operating budget exceeding $39.9 million. Public Works also administers numerous capital improvement projects involving our municipal buildings, streets, and water and sewer facilities.

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Mission Statement

Striving to enhance the quality of the environment and quality of life for residents through implementing innovative technologies, improving and maintaining the community's water, wastewater, surface water, streets, facilities, and fleet resources in order to provide reliable, efficient and excellent services.

  1. Windy Gap - Chimney Hollow Water Supply Project

    The Windy Gap Firming Project (WGFP) is a key element in Broomfield’s potable water development strategy. Read on...
  2. Street Sweeping Maintenance Program

    Broomfield’s Street Sweeping Program runs year-round to provide safe conditions for all modes of transportation by removing debris and other material from the roadways and bike lanes. Read on...
  3. Drought Status: Normal

    While the City and County of Broomfield is not currently in a major drought, residents and businesses are encouraged to continue efforts toward water conservation. Read on...
  4. Taste and Odor of Drinking Water

    Broomfield's drinking water may currently have an unpleasant taste and odor that has been described as metallic or earthy. The cause of the problem is particular algae in our reservoir that are not hazardous. Our drinking water remains safe. Read on...
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    Ken Rutt

    Director of Public Works
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    Justin Mundt

    Deputy Director of Public Works
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    Jeff Ruger

    Deputy Director of 
    Public Works

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