How close can I build to my property line?
All structures (houses, garages, sheds, decks, pools, spas, patio covers, gazebos, etc.) are required to be located a certain distance away from all property lines of your lot. This distance varies with both the type of structure and the zoning of your neighborhood. Straight zoning (usually older neighborhoods) has regulations adopted by ordinance in the Municipal Code (Title 17, Zoning). Newer subdivisions have PUD (planned unit development) zoning, which has regulations unique to each subdivision or filing adopted through the development plan process.

Typically, all structures shall be at least 5 feet away from the side property lines, and could be required to be set back even greater distances. In a majority of cases, the house is constructed at the minimum front setback line, and no structure can be built closer to the street than the house. The rear yard setbacks vary considerably, depending on the subdivision and the structure. There may also be utility or drainage easements in various locations on your lot that restrict the placement of any structure.

For correct setback information in all zoning districts, please call the City and County of Broomfield Planning Division at 303-438-6284.

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