What is Broomfield Days?
This one-day festival is held at Midway park on the third Saturday in September. It is an outdoor festival that is held rain or shine so be prepared for the unpredictable Colorado weather. Broomfield Days began as an opportunity for local non-profit groups to raise funds for their organizations. We continue this tradition by asking vendors to donate to a non-profit. The day includes breakfast at the Girl Scout Shelter, sponsored by the Lions Club, a parade, a race, shopping, entertainment and more.

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1. Where can I park? Is there accessible parking?
2. Where are the ATM's located?
3. Are dogs allowed?
4. Where is the baby changing station?
5. Can I ride my bike to Broomfield Days?
6. What is Broomfield Days?
7. What is BowWow Broomfield?
8. Where is Broomfield Days held?
9. How do I find things in the park on Broomfield Days?
10. When are vendor applications available?
11. How do I get a booth?
12. What type of vendor am I and what application do I need?
13. Do I need Health Permit?
14. Can I sell things without applying for a space?
15. Who's in charge of the parade?
16. Who do I contact if I have other questions about...?