Do I have to give the refund back in the future?

No. The refund is yours to keep.

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1. Will I get the entire Property Tax refunded to me?
2. When should I apply?
3. I don’t have all of my documents yet, can I still apply?
4. How is my privacy protected?
5. Do I have to pay my tax bill before I apply?
6. How long do I have to have lived in my house before I can apply?
7. Do all seniors qualify for this program?
8. My parents who are 65 years or older live with my family, do we qualify for this program?
9. My child is at or above 80% on disability and lives with me, do I qualify for the program?
10. The homeowner is on disability, however, I don’t know how to provide proof.
11. I am a veteran or a veteran’s spouse and I don’t know how to show proof of disability.
12. I need help completing my application, who can help me?
13. What proof of income is needed?
14. Do I have to give the refund back in the future?
15. Can I use this program in conjunction with the Colorado Homestead Exemption Program
16. Will my gross income, or my adjusted gross income be used as my annual income for this program if I use my income taxes as proof of income?
17. How is my refund calculated?
18. Do I have to submit proof of payment for my property taxes?