My town looks fine the way it is - what is the value in having a historic district?

As population grows and development pressure increases, local citizens actually have less influence on how their communities evolve – unless there is some sort of local design review in place that oversees development. Creating a historic district is a way of singling out the special places within Broomfield. It helps ensure the unique attributes that define those will remain for future generations and preventing their gradual erosion.

Historic districts encourage reinvestment. When you are part of a historic district, you have some certainty that any new construction or renovation activity will be respectful of the existing character of the community and its architecture. Historic district regulations are quality assurance standards, so that if you invest in your building, you are assured that your investment won’t be negated by a thoughtless renovation next door. Local historic districts encourage better design. There is generally a greater sense of cohesion, more innovative use of materials, and greater public appeal within historic districts than in areas without historic designations.

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1. What is a historic resource?
2. How does Broomfield define a "historic" property?
3. How does Broomfield's Historic Landmark Board fit within National and State preservation services?
4. What is a Historic Resources Survey?
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14. What is a historic district?
15. Why would a neighborhood want to become a local historic district?
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17. If my home is within a local district but is not a 'historic' building, are changes I want to make to my home subject to review?
18. If my neighborhood is proposed for a local historic district designation, do I have any say in whether or not it is established?
19. My town looks fine the way it is - what is the value in having a historic district?