Who do I contact if I have other questions about...?

Arts & Crafts, Purchase for Resale, Entertainment: Kay Gazaway (kgazaway@broomfield.org) 303.460.6925 

Broomfield Chamber Trade Fair: Tammy Whitaker (tammy.whitaker@broomfieldchamber.com) 303.466.1775) 

Car Show: Tom Farenbrach (toes_t@comcast.net) 303.667.2808 

Food, games, non-profit vendors: Matt Gulley (mgulley@broomfield.org or 303.460.6912) 

Parade: Kim Evelsizer (kevelsizer@broomfield.org

Zero Waste Information/Volunteering: Matt Gulley (mgulley@broomfield.org) 303.460.6912 

Bow Wow Broomfield: Janice Strayve (jstrayve@broomfield.org) 303.460.6932

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1. Where can I park? Is there accessible parking?
2. Where are the ATM's located?
3. Are dogs allowed?
4. Where is the baby changing station?
5. Can I ride my bike to Broomfield Days?
6. What is Broomfield Days?
7. What is BowWow Broomfield?
8. Where is Broomfield Days held?
9. How do I find things in the park on Broomfield Days?
10. When are vendor applications available?
11. How do I get a booth?
12. What type of vendor am I and what application do I need?
13. Do I need Health Permit?
14. Can I sell things without applying for a space?
15. Who's in charge of the parade?
16. Who do I contact if I have other questions about...?