Who are foster parents?
Foster parents are caring and committed individuals who open their hearts and home to meet the needs of children who must be placed in out-of-home care in order to be safe. A foster family provides the child with an emergency or temporary home and a supportive, stable family environment while the birth family addresses the concerns or situation that prevents them from parenting their child.

Typically, foster parents care for the child until reunification with the birth family occurs, there is an adoption or guardianship by kin, or the child is legally available for adoption. Sometimes foster parents become the permanent home for the child through adoption.

You don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent for a child!

Successful foster parents:

  • Are patient, committed and caring

  • Are teachers, mentors and learners

  • Love a challenge and have a sense of humor

  • Are flexible

  • Ask for help and support when it is needed

  • Enjoy seeing children grow, thrive and achieve

  • Communicate well

  • Provide consistency and structure

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