What qualifies for FMLA leave?
Family Medical Leave (FMLA) allows for 12 weeks of unpaid leave in 12-month period for the following:

- Birth and care of a newborn
- Adoption or foster care of a child
- Employee’s own “serious health condition”
- Care of a spouse, child, or parent with a serious health condition
* “care” includes psychological care, comfort
- Care for ill or injured service member (* up to 26 weeks*)
- Qualifying exigency related to military service

Employees who have been employed for at leave 12 months and who have worked at least 1,250 hours in the 12 months preceding the commencement of Family or Medical Leave are eligible for said leave if one of the following conditions above is met and certified. Hours charged to annual leave, sick leave, short-term disability leave, compensatory time use, holiday leave, injury leave, civil leave, funeral leave, administrative leave and leave with our pay do not count towards the 1, 250 hour requirement.

Please contact Human Resources at (303)438-6320 if you think you may qualify or complete the Leave Request Form under the QuickLinks on the Leave Webpage and return to Human Resources.

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1. What qualifies for FMLA leave?
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