How do I obtain copies or certified copies of a recorded document?

You may order a copy or a certified copy of a recorded document either in person, by mail or online. If requesting by mail, include the recording (reception) number of the document, or the name(s) on the document, and approximate recording date. Also include, the address where the copy should be mailed, and a check for the amount due. If ordering online, search our Official Records database for the document add it to the cart. Once you have paid for it you will be able to print the document without the watermark. The redaction will remain on the document. If you are ordering certified copies online, you can pick them up in the office or they will be mailed to you. Due to the certification, you will not be able to print certified documents online. Fees for copies are $.25 / page. To certify a copy, the fee is an additional $1.00 per document. Only documents within the City and County of Broomfield Recording database can be certified.

Military Discharge documents are available to the person named at no charge. If you need a copy of a document recorded prior to November 15, 2001, please contact the previous county for their assistance. Adams County Clerk & Recorder - 720.523.6020; Boulder County Clerk & Recorder - 303.413.7770; Jefferson County Clerk & Recorder - 303.271.8121; Weld County Clerk & Recorder - 970.304.6520. 

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