Sewer Lift Station Compliance

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Of the four sewer lift stations that Broomfield will bring into Site Application compliance, staff has started with the Interlocken Lift Station.  It was chosen due to its size (largest) and recent operations and maintenance issues including equipment and piping failures.  Council approved a consulting agreement on February 9, 2021 with Burns & McDonnell to complete the required Interlocken Lift Station Site Application and begin work on the design documents for the required renovation.  During the Site Application process, it was determined that additional pipeline work should be done concurrently with the Interlocken lift station renovation.  Council approved an amendment to the consulting services agreement with Burns & McDonnell Engineering in July 2021.

Background Information

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is the governing state agency for sewer lift stations within the state of Colorado.  Municipalities are required to receive approval from CDPHE to build and operate lift stations by submitting site applications for each station. Of the 13 existing lift stations Broomfield operates, there are four lift stations in which staff and CDPHE are unable to locate any existing/historic records or information on the site applications.  These four stations were designed and constructed in the 1980’s.  Since the written records for the site applications cannot be located, CDPHE has notified Broomfield of their noncompliance and is requiring Broomfield to become compliant.  Other municipalities who constructed sewer lift stations during the same timeframe are in similar circumstances and are being required to comply with CDPHE regulations.  In December 2017, Broomfield contracted with Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co., Inc. (B&M) to assist staff to work with CDPHE to determine if Broomfield would be required to submit Site Applications and what requirements would be necessary to bring the stations into compliance.  CDPHE held a series of meetings with stakeholders and reviewed information from municipalities, ultimately determining all sites would need to submit site applications and be compliant with current regulations in late 2019.