Pet Shop

A Pet Shop License is required for any person or entity engaged in the business of breeding, buying, selling, or boarding animals of any species.

The annual fee for a pet shop license is $50. Pet Shop Licenses expire on December 31 each year.

All applicants for a pet shop license must, at the time of application, have a valid license to operate issued by the Colorado Department of Health. The existence of a state license, however, shall not in itself assure that a city license shall be issued.

Application Process

All applications for a Pet Shop License must be submitted in the licensing portal. Before you begin, ensure that you have all information and documentation required. This includes your State License information, including a copy of the current Department of Agriculture Certificate. 

Note: The licensing portal will not allow you to complete your application submission if required information and/or documents are missing. However, you can always save your work in the portal and come back later to complete and submit the application.

Once the completed application is submitted through the licensing portal, and the applicable fee is paid, an Animal Services Officer will visit the facility to complete an inspection. When the application is processed and approved, the new license will be emailed. The license shall be printed by the licensee and then posted in a conspicuous place for the public to view.

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Pet Shop Application