Mobile Food Vending


Q. Can I sell food from a food truck or other vehicle parking in a public street?
A. Operation of a mobile food vending business can occur in on-street parking areas provided that a vendor obeys all parking laws (occupies only one stall, does not encroach onto the sidewalk or into traffic lanes, and pays parking meter fees if applicable) and obtains a license for the business. Chairs and tables for use must not be set up on adjacent sidewalks or in the street / parking stall. Food Trucks are not allowed in Broomfield Parks without a park reservation.

Q. Where can I park my vehicle?
A. You can temporarily park on any public street that has on-street parking (you must not park in travel lanes). Any commercial vehicle greater than six feet in height shall not be parked within thirty feet of any intersection, within ten feet of a public or private driveway, or within thirty feet upon the approach of any speed limit sign located at the side of the roadway.

Q. How long can I park in any one location?
A. No more than one hour should be spent in any one location to ensure the protection of the public good (not having a significant impact on any particular area, business, street, or neighborhood).

Q. Can I use signs to advertise my business?
A. Signs for the vendor must be on the vehicle only. Signs cannot be placed on sidewalks or on private property around the vehicle or directing traffic to the vehicle. Proposed signage should be included in your temporary sales stand permit.

Q. Can I sell in public parks?
A. Please contact Broomfield Parks and Recreation Department at 303.460.6900 to inquire regarding vending in public parks.

Q. Can a trailer be used for mobile food vending on public streets?
A. No. Trailers (wheeled vehicle without motive power designed to be drawn by a motor vehicle) must not be parked detached from a towing vehicle on any public street.

Q. Can I temporarily park my vehicle on private property?
A. You must obtain permission from the property owner. If the vehicle is parked for one hour or less and is able to park so as not to interfere with operation of the business (must not block drive aisles). If you intend to park for extended periods (greater than one hour), then you must obtain a Temporary Sales Stand Permit for the use.

Reviews and Licenses Required
Health and Human Services Licenses

Sales from vehicle on public street:
  • The Health and Human Services Department must review and approve the business 720-887-2220.
  • A Broomfield sales tax license is required.
  • A temporary sales stand permit is not required.
Sales from vehicle on private property:
  • If the vehicle parks temporarily (one hour or less) on private property the applicant must obtain property owner permission.
  • If the vehicle parks for extended periods (more than one hour) on private property: the applicant must obtain property owner permission and have a temporary sales stand permit. See FAQ - Food sales from a temporary stand.
  • The Health and Human Services Department must review and approve the business 720-887-2220.
  • A Broomfield sales tax license is required.