Temporary Sales Stand Permit


Q. Can I sell prepared foods, produce or other goods from a truck or table placed on private property?
A. Temporary sales stands (or sales from parked vehicles) are allowed on private property if you have the property owner's permission, obtain a Temporary Sales Stand permit, and if the property has commercial, industrial, or agricultural zoning. Temporary Sales Stand Permits cannot be issued in the Transitional Overlay Area District or in residential districts.

Q. The site I am looking at is not developed. Can I make a new drive access to the public street?
A. Access to the public street is limited to the existing driveway on the site or as approved by the City Engineer. The location of the new drive should be shown on the application for a Temporary Sales Stand.

Q. Where do I apply for a Temporary Sales Stand Permit?
A. Applications are obtained from and submitted to the Building Division.

Q. How can I find out who owns a parcel of property?
A. You can check property ownership using the Broomfield Parcel Search available on the Broomfield website.

Q. The site I am looking at is in the parking lot of an existing shopping center? Am I allowed to set up a stand?
A. You will need to obtain authorization from the property owner (or property manager if authorized). The temporary use must not reduce required parking for adjoining businesses or interfere with the drive aisles within the shopping center.

Q. Can I use signs to advertise my business?
A. Signs are limited to the walls or sides of a vehicle or structure or to a single free-standing sign (not more than 10 square feet in area per face). Signs must not be located on public property (such as in the street) or off-site.

Q. How long can I use a location for Temporary Use?
A. The time limit for a temporary stand will depend on the type of product sold. Refer to Chapter 17-31 of the Broomfield Municipal Code for all time limits.
Produce sales are limited to 90 days (not renewable) and retail or ready-to-eat food sales are limited to 60 days (not renewable).

Q. My stand is in a Farmer's Market. Do I need a separate Temporary Sales Stand Permit?
A. The Farmer's Market is required to obtain a Temporary Sales Stand Permit, but each individual vendor within that market does not need to obtain an individual permit. You are required to get approval through the Health Department if selling ready-to-eat prepared food.

  • A solicitor's license is not required.
  • If a temporary stand or sales from a vehicle occur on private property, then a temporary sales stand permit is required.
  • A separate sign permit is not required; all proposed signage should be shown in the application for a temporary sales stand permit.
  • The Health and Human Services Department must review and approve the business if it is selling ready-to-eat prepared food. A Broomfield sales tax license is required.