Mobile Home Court

Broomfield Municipal Code - Chapter 17-42

The annual fee for a Mobile Home Court License is $50 for up to and including the first 500 platted mobile home spaces, and $10 for each additional 100 platted spaces or fraction thereof. Mobile Home Court Licenses expire on April 10 each year. 

All applications for a Mobile Home Court License must be submitted in the licensing portal. Note: The portal will not allow you to complete your application submission if required information is missing. However, you can always save your work in the portal and come back later to complete and submit the application.

Once the completed application is submitted through the licensing portal, and the applicable fee is paid, the application is processed. Once approved, the new license will be emailed to the applicant. The license shall be printed by the licensee and posted in the office of, or on the premises of, the mobile home court at all times (Ord. 388 §2, 1980).

Mobile Home Court Application


A Mobile Home is any vehicle or similar portable structure having no foundation other than wheels, jacks, or skirtings, and so designed or constructed as to permit occupancy for dwelling or sleeping purposes.

Mobile Home Court is any plot or ground upon which two or more mobile homes, occupied for dwelling or sleeping purposes, are located, regardless of whether or not a charge is made for such accommodation.

Mobile Home Space is a plot of ground within a mobile home court designed for the accommodation of one mobile home.