Large Property Turf Replacement Rebate Program 

Multi-family and non-residential water customers can now receive $1.20 per square foot to convert areas of high-water, cool-season turf grass (such as Kentucky Bluegrass) into native and waterwise landscapes.  To qualify for the rebate, the converted areas must have at least 50% living plant coverage.

In addition to supporting the city's water conservation goals, benefits of these landscapes include savings on your water bill, lower long-term maintenance, habitat for pollinators, and increased drought resilience.

Eligible water customers include

Businesses, HOAs, multi-family complexes, schools, parks, faith-based organizations, and other commercial, industrial, or institutional water customers within the City and County of Broomfield.

How to earn your rebate

Step 1: Review these Fact Sheets for information about:

  1. Customer Eligibility Requirements, and the eligible Plant List
  2. General  Terms and Conditions
  3. General Landscape & Irrigation Terms and Condition

Step 2: Complete the General Application

Staff will verify whether the property is subject to a planned unit development (PUD) plan.  If so, then an Administrative Modification Application to the site development plan must be submitted, reviewed and approved prior to beginning construction. This approval process may take approximately one month to complete.

Step 3: Complete the Irrigation and Landscape Plan Checklist

If the property is subject to a PUD, submit a completed Administrative Modification application and all necessary documentation to Broomfield’s Planning Department:

Step 4: Upon approval, install your landscape!

Step 5: After the project is complete:

  • Set up a final inspection by November 1st 
  • Submit final documentation to include the following:

Upon final approval, a rebate check will be issued to the project applicant within 8-12 weeks.

For questions about rebates, email or call 303-464-5601.  

For questions about permits, engineering, or planning, contact CCOB's Planning Division at 303-438-6284 or email