Lawn Replacement Program

Resource Central's new lawn replacement program makes going xeric easy by combining lawn removal services, free Garden in a Box kits, and waterwise landscape advice and support.

Broomfield residents can apply to receive up to $500 off lawn removal services (you pay just $1 per sq. ft. for the first 333 sq. ft.) and/or complimentary Garden in a Box kits (up to 300 sq. ft.). You decide how to spend your benefit! Discounts are available on a first come, first served basis, dependent on available funds.

For more information visit Resource Central.

Benefits of Waterwise Landscaping

  • Reduce monthly water bills
  • Your plants/gardens are more drought-tolerant than turf
  • Once established, native plans require less maintenance than turf grass
  • Reduce fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide use
  • Flowers are attractive and pollinator friendly

How it Works

Make a Plan & Apply

Outline your low-water lawn replacement project by picking a space, measuring it and taking a photo. Submit your info in the application.

Get Approved

Complete a brief phone consultation with Resource Central and schedule your plant pick up and/or Lawn Removal Service appointment.

Remove Some Lawn!

Remove the lawn by hiring Resource Central'sLawn Removal Service or do-it-yourself by digging, renting a sod cutter or sheet mulching.

Plant, Mulch, and Adjust

Pick up and plant your Garden in a Box kits, add mulch and adjust your watering schedule.

Questions? Contact Resource Central: or 303-999-3820 ext. 221