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Tackle that problem area in your yard once and for all by planting a beautiful, waterwise Garden In A Box this spring. This year the City and County of Broomfield once again partnering with Resource Central to provide professionally designed for Colorado yards.

These kits are super easy to install and can help you save around 7,300 gallons of water over the garden’s lifetime compared to a traditional grass lawn (not to mention helping you save on your water bill!). Starting at just $123, these kits are beautiful AND affordable.

NOTE: Please visit the Planning Division handout for information on zoning information homeowners need to be aware of prior to xeriscaping your tree lawn on landscaping strip.  If there are questions regarding landscaping requirements for your neighborhood, you can reach out to the Planning Division at

Visit Resource Central and see if you qualify for a $25 discount for Broomfield customers.

How it Works

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Top Program Benefits


With Garden In A Box’s collection of starter plants, plant-by-number maps and plant care guides, low-water landscaping doesn’t have to be intimidating. You just pick up the pre-ordered plants at your selected pick up event, then take them home and plant them according to the maps. Follow the watering guidelines and seasonal care for your garden, then spend all the time (and money) you save simply enjoying the summer.

Pollinator and Wildlife Supporting 

There’s no need to have any doubts about whether Garden In A Box is the right solution for your Colorado yard – just ask the millions of bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators who flock to these blooms in the wild! With natural pollinator habitats on the decline, you can help provide them a new home while enjoying both your beautiful winged visitors and the colorful blooms that attract them. Ditch some lawn and plant a new perspective with Garden In A Box.


We all know the true value of water is much higher than just the price you pay on your utility bill. Water is essential for the life that we love – in addition to basics like drinking water and agriculture, it also fuels our recreation, businesses and homes. In a semi-arid state like Colorado, it’s particularly important for each of us to play our part, however small, in conserving such an important resource. Garden In A Box makes it easy to start saving water today.

Order Today

Order your waterwise Garden In A Box today and spend time enjoying your yard this summer!

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