The Broomfield Library's Experience Passes provide free access to explore cultural and recreational institutions in the Front Range.


Requirements for use:

  • Must make a reservation for a pass with the "Reserve Your Pass Here" link.
  • Must be 18 or older (passes will not check out to library cards of minors). 
  • Reservations for each institution are limited to one-time use per card, per year (365 days). 
  • Maximum number of reservations per day, per card is 3.
  • Downloadable passes are good only for the date of reservation.
  • The Colorado Parks & Wildlife pass is a physical pass, checks out for one week, and must be picked up and returned at the Broomfield Library. Reservations for this pass must be made with the "Reserve Your Pass Here" link.
  • Checkout period for Colorado Parks & Wildlife pass starts on the first day of the reservation despite when in the reservation period it is picked up from the library.

Explore our different passes:

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (pass allows entry for 10 people)
Butterfly Pavilion (pass allows entry for 4 people)
Clyfford Still Museum (pass allows entry for 2 adults and any children 17 years old or younger)
Colorado Parks and Wildlife (State Park Pass) (pass allows entry for 1 car)
Denver Botanic Gardens (pass allows entry for 6 people)
Denver Firefighters Museum (pass allows entry for 4 people)
Denver Museum of Nature and Science (pass allows entry for 7 people)
Denver Trolley (pass allows entry for 2 people)
Denver Zoo (pass allows entry for 4 people)
Foothills Art Center (pass allows entry for 6 people)
Golden History Museum & Park (pass allows entry for 4 people)
Molly Brown House Museum (pass allows entry for 4 people)
Work At 26 (pass allows entry for 1 person)
WOW! Children's Museum (pass allows entry for 1 adult and 1 child)


Picking up the Colorado Parks & Wildlife physical pass:
It is required that you have the reservation confirmation to pick up a physical pass. If you entered a valid email address, a copy of the confirmation was emailed to you. If you do not have the ability to print, you can save your confirmation on your mobile device and use that as proof of reservation to pick up the physical pass.

How to print downloadable passes:
If you did not receive an email confirmation with the pass or lost the email, you can retrieve your reservations through the booking site with your library card number. Enter your card number in the top right corner (see image below) and you will be able to see your list of reservations from which you can either print your pass or your confirmation. Unless otherwise noted in the reservation information document, downloadable passes may be presented at the museum on a mobile device.

Cancelling and re-reserving a pass:
Patrons can cancel an Experience Pass reservation by calling the Library at 720.887.2350 or 720.887.2301. Reservations can be cancelled before or on the day of the reservation, except for the Colorado Parks & Wildlife pass. The Colorado Parks & Wildlife pass must be cancelled ahead of the reservation date. Once a reservation has been cancelled, patrons can re-reserve the pass without reaching their one pass, per institution, per year limit.

Returning passes:
Downloadable passes do not need to be returned; they are only good for the date on the pass.
For physical passes, please be courteous to the next patron by returning the pass by its due date.

Lost physical passes (not applicable for downloadable passes):
If the pass is lost, a fee of $10 will be assessed. Loss of the Colorado Parks & Wildlife pass pack will require replacement fees for the individual items in the pack.

Can I make reservations with my temporary library card? 
No, temporary library cards are unable to make reservations for Experience Passes. To gain access, please stop by the library to verify your library card.