Adopt-An-Area Program

Litter can be washed into the storm sewers and end up in streams, rivers, and beyond. Can you help keep our community looking clean and beautiful?

You or your organization can volunteer to pick up litter in a Broomfield park, open space area, or on a street.

There is no cost to participate, and every consideration will be given to the choice of preferred area.


Picking up litter


  • Agree to a minimum one-year commitment.
  • Adopt a minimum of a one-mile street segment, a park, or all/a portion of an open space area.
  • Pick up litter at least four times per year, weather permitting, in the assigned area.


  • Ensure that each participant wears an approved traffic safety vest during cleanup in a street right-of-way area (trash in medians is handled internally by Broomfield staff).
  • Ensure each participant is aware of the safety hazards when working in traffic zones and projects along street right-of-ways.
  • Parks and open space areas are preferred for groups with young children and seniors.


An adoption sign will be installed free-of-charge once the adoption paperwork is received. Signs may include the name of the group or dedication only. We do not allow logos or contact information for the group. The name should fit on two lines, 15 characters each.

Trash Collection

  • Trash bags are provided free-of-charge. Safety vests are available when collecting trash in streets and should be returned to Field Services when finished due to limited supply.
  • It is the adoptee's responsibility to call and report the number of bags collected, the total number of volunteer hours (adults vs. children), and the total number of participants after each pickup event.


  • A Release of Liability and Indemnification Agreement must be completed by every participant in the Adopt-an-Area Program annually, whether adult or juvenile.

If you are interested in adopting an area, please call 303-438-6334 or email. Someone from Public Works Field Services will get back in touch with you with more detailed information and next steps. Thank you for your interest!