Preventing Rejected Documents

How to Prevent Rejected Documents

The following is a checklist provided by the Recording Office to assist you in submitting correct documentation.
  • Correct fee amounts - Recording fees are statutorily established.
  • Good quality / readable text - Please remember that bad originals produce poor public records. Documents which are illegible to begin with will be marked with a clerk’s note and recorded as received.
  • Include state documentary fees - Any transfer deed with consideration exceeding $500 will be assessed a state documentary fee of $.01 per $100.
  • Sufficient margins - All documents must have at least a one inch margin at the top and bottom and a half-inch margin on the left and right side. The recorder may refuse to record any document that does not meet these standards.
  • Recording order / instructions - Please send documents in the order you would like them recorded. Also, include specific instructions as to what documents you are recording and the amount of pages in each document. Staples or papers clips are an easy way to indicate what pages constitute one document.
  • Return addresses - A complete and accurate return address should be clearly marked on the back page of any document submitted for recording. Our goal is to return documents within 24 to 48 hours. No return envelope is required, but it is appreciated.
  • Checks payable to City and County of Broomfield - If checks are made out to the wrong party, the check and all documents attached will be rejected and returned to the submitter.
  • Sign your checks - Unsigned or stale-dated checks and all documents attached thereto will be rejected and returned to the submitter.
  • Submit to correct county - Often, documents intended for recording in one county are sent somewhere else by mistake. Please make sure you are recording your documents in the appropriate county.