Arts, History and Cultural Council

The Arts, History and Cultural Council has five positions open for 2022 and is now accepting applications. Click the button below to apply from Jan. 3 through 5 p.m. on Jan. 28.


  • Typically the First Monday of each month, except on holidays, then the second Monday (some exceptions)
  • 6:30 p.m. regular meetings,  additional weekly meetings in April and May for SCFD grant season
  • 2022 Calendar New members begin April 4, 2022.

Membership Qualifications

  • The arts, history and cultural council shall consist of eight members plus two alternates with one of the members and one of the alternates being a youth between the age of fourteen to eighteen years old. 
  • In making appointments city council will give consideration to assure a balance of knowledge and skill including, but not limited to, experience in arts, cultural, scientific, and historical organizations, in art education, in non-profit administration, in grant-making and development, and in business.
  • See the complete membership information in the Broomfield Municipal Code.

Purpose, Powers, and Responsibilities

  1. The arts, history and cultural council shall prepare and execute an annual plan for distribution of moneys to nonprofit institutional organizations and agencies of local government, which meet the criteria of the Colorado Scientific and Cultural Facilities Act, including duties such a
    1. Review and provide feedback on the grantmaking process, procedures, guidelines, criteria and assessment protocol continually for improvement.
    2. Evaluate applications received and apportion available moneys among qualified applicants for the annual plan to be submitted to the city council for approval.
  2. The arts history and cultural council shall review and provide feedback on arts and history division long range plans for programs and services.
  3. The arts history and cultural council shall, upon request of the designated staff liaison participate, assist and provide feedback on master plans or other special projects.
  4. The arts history and cultural council may create from its members subcommittee(s) to meet separately and support specific, short-term initiatives that may include:
    1. Reviewing and providing feedback for public art projects, processes and procedures, including guidelines outlining project funding, selection, acquisition and placement of works of art.
    2. Review annual arts and history division public art funding plans including acquisitions, maintenance or deaccession.
    3. Participate in distribution of moneys to nonprofit organizations through other non-scientific and cultural facilities district (SCFD) grant programs.
    4. Participate in community panels that may include artist or artwork selection, concept review, scoring of proposals, or other submission-based projects.

See the complete responsibilities in the Broomfield Municipal Code.

Staff Liaison

Megan Gilby, Arts & History Manager 
Ph: 720.887.2344

Get Involved

Any interested citizen is invited to attend council meetings. Until April, please consider attending the Cultural Council and/or the Public Art Committee. Applications for open positions are available in January of each year.