Septic Systems (On-site Wastewater Treatment System)

An On-site Wastewater Treatment System, also known as septic systems, is any system used for the collection, storage, treatment, neutralization, or stabilization of sewage that occurs on the property. A licensed installer or contractor must inspect On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems. Contact an environmental health specialist at 720.887.2220 to become a licensed inspector.

blue-heading-icons_exclamation Effective July 27, 2018: New Regulation and Fees

The City and County of Broomfield Board of Health adopted the updated On-site Wastewater Treatment System Regulation and fees at the public hearing on June 12, 2018. The updated regulation and fees will go into effect on Friday, July 27, 2018.
  Type of Inspection   Fee  
      New Repair Permit $873                    
Major Repair Permit $873
Minor Repair Permit $338
Use Permit $100
New License Fee for Installer/Cleaner $50
Annual Renewal Fee for Installer/Cleaner $50
Re-Inspection Fee (per inspection) $50

blue heading icons_waste water  On-site Wastewater Treatment System Application 

Resources to apply for an on-site wastewater treatment system:
  • Percolation Test Result
  • Soil Profile Test Pit Log
  • Tank Replacement and Pump Worksheet

blue heading icons_signup  Use Permits

Resources to obtain or renew Use Permits
  • Use Permit Application
  • Use Permit Inspection Report

blue-heading-icons_youtube  Homeowner Videos

Watch this video for a quick overview of an on-site wastewater treatment inspection and maintenance.

Learn about on-site wastewater treatment system regulations, how they function, and how to maintain your individual system to protect water quality and the environment.