Report Street Racing

The Traffic Unit routinely conducts special enforcement on Hwy 36, West 120th Avenue, I-25, and the Northwest Parkway in an effort to stop street racers. Unfortunately, this is just one traffic issue in a city with 275 miles of roadway. 

Over the past few months, the police department has dedicated additional resources to this issue in an effort to deter the racers. Currently there is an effort in place by the Colorado State Patrol, in partnership with local police departments, to address street racing. 

Report Street Racing is a resource now available for citizens to report street racing activities in their communities. While you will not get an immediate response from the Broomfield Police Department, the information will be stored and shared with law enforcement agencies across the state. Many of these racers are repeat offenders, and the information provides a helpful database to identify them. 

Additionally, you can always call our non-emergency line 303-438-6400 to report incidents of street racing as they’re happening. We will get a patrol officer to the area as quickly as possible.