Other Services (LEAP, Burial Assistance, PIE)

  1. Low Income Energy Assistance (LEAP)
  2. Burial Assistance
  3. Personal Investment Enterprise (PIE) 

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Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)

  • LEAP was designed to help qualifying low-income households cover part of their winter home heating costs
  • Runs Nov. 1, 2022 through April 30, 2023
  • Households must reapply each season

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To Apply:

  • Applications can be mailed, faxed, or emailed or apply online at PEAK.
    • To print an English or Spanish application please go the State of CO LEAP website
    • To have an application mailed to you call the Colorado Department of Human Services Customer Service hotline at 1-866-HEAT-HELP (1-866-432-8435)
    • Email applications to leaphelp@discovermygoodwill.org
    • Mailing address is PO Box 39200, Colorado Springs, CO 80949
    • Fax applications to 1-855-830-3483
    • If you are unable to fill out an application by any other means, please call 1-866-HEAT-HELP (1.866.432.8435) to apply over the phone

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To Contact:  

Additional LEAP information available click belowHelpful Resources 
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