Animal Ordinances

Outlined below are some of the commonly enforced animal-related Broomfield ordinances. A complete list of the animal-related ordinances is available in Title 6 of the Broomfield Municipal Code.

  • Animal Limits - Please refer to code 6-24-010 above
  • Disturbing the Peace - Please refer to code 6-12-080 above 
  • Cruelty - Please refer to code 6-32-010 above
  • Sanitation - Please refer to code 6-28-010 above
  • Vaccinations - Please refer to code 6-16-010 above



All dogs, cats, and ferrets in Broomfield must be vaccinated against rabies within 30 days after acquiring the animal, or once it reaches three months of age. For more information on rabies prevention, please view the informational Rabies Post Card.


Pet registration is required for all dogs, cats, and ferrets living within the City and County of Broomfield. Pet registration in Broomfield is free of charge. For information on how to register your pet give us a call at 303-438-6400.


Dog on Leash

Broomfield's Running At Large ordinance (6-08-140) refers to all animals except domesticated cats that are "at large" within the city and county. An animal is considered to be "at large" if it is:

  • Off the premises of the owner and not under direct and competent control by means of a leash, or
  • In a common area of an apartment, condominium, or townhouse and not under effective control of its owner by means of a leash, or
  • On an unfenced portion of the premises of the owner, and the owner is not physically present and able to control the actions of the animal, or
  • Anchored to any real property of the animal's owner or keeper, if the leash extends beyond the property line of the owner.

Stray animals may be impounded. If impounded, owners must pay impound fees when claiming their animals.



All citizens are responsible for promptly cleaning up after their animal on any public or private property when the property owner's permission has not been obtained. Also, citizens must promptly remove all excrement from private premises as necessary to prevent health hazards and odors.


Citizens disturbed by a noisy animal may call the police department and complain any time they feel their peace is being disturbed. Citizens are initially encouraged to contact the offending animal's owner and try to resolve the barking problem on their own. Once a call to the police department has been made, the owner of the animal will be contacted by an officer. A summons can only be served if there are at least two individual complainants from separate households. An officer witnessing the barking may be the second witness.


Owners of animals are required to provide adequate shelter, access to food & water, adequate veterinary care, and opportunity for exercise. If you suspect that an animal is being neglected or is being treated in such a way to cause the animal to suffer, please contact Broomfield Animal Services at 303-438-6400. Complainants may remain anonymous.


Cats are considered free roaming animals, and are not subject to the Running at Large ordinance of the City and County of Broomfield. Cat owners are encouraged to keep their cats indoors. Those that choose to allow their cats to roam outdoors are still responsible for their cat's behavior when it is loose in the neighborhood.


State law requires all bites involving:

  • Human vs. domestic animal
  • Human vs. wildlife
  • Domestic animal vs. wildlife

must be reported immediately to the Police Department. Reporting animal bites helps to ensure the public safety and for rabies control and prevention.


Each residence is allowed to possess no more than four adult animals. Animals over six months of age are considered adults. This ordinance does not apply to fish or birds.


Residents are prohibited for possessing certain types of animals in Broomfield. For a complete list of prohibited animals please see Broomfield Municipal Code Ordinance 6-24-010.

All residents of Broomfield are prohibited from possessing wildlife, any endangered species, or hybrid animals. Non-poisonous snakes and ferrets are allowed.