New Resident Vehicle Registration

Licensing an Out of State Vehicle by New Residents (Click here for checklist)

If you are a new resident to our state you will need the following documents to register your vehicle:
  • A Verification of Vehicle Identification Number Form (DR2698) completed by one of the agencies listed on the form
  • An emission test from an Air Care Colorado test station or diesel emissions,  if required
  • Proof of valid vehicle insurance - must be Colorado insurance, and effective the date you are registering your vehicle.
  • Title to the vehicle or, if the title is held by a lien holder, a photocopy of the title or current out of state registration, vehicles from non-titling states or foreign countries should contact our office at 303.464.5888 for registration requirements.
  • Lease agreement if vehicle is leased
  • Proof of sales tax paid if applicable; dealer invoice, showing proof of taxes paid or be collected.
  • Colorado Residency Establishment Form (DR 2504) completed by owner or lessee of vehicle.
  • certified weight slip, if required