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 Road Closures:
Destination Drive starting at Uptown Avenue and continuing south approximately 300 feet will be closed from May 2nd through May 13, 2022.  Please call 303.710.0440 with any questions.

County Road 7 between East Baseline Road and W. 169th Avenue will be closed from March 7, 2022 through May 31, 2022.  Please call 303.683.0099 with any questions.
Engineering Construction: Current Active Projects Interactive Map
Broomfield Reservoir: Description: anticipated 5,000 acre-foot reservoir, 75 feet at deepest point, and holding approximately 100 surface acres of water when full. Surface will fluctuate approximately 20 feet during an average year.

Construction Schedule: on hold

Master Plan: in progress

Photograph: Proposed location

Supporting Documents:
Progress Report City Council Memo 10/14/2008
Size Analysis City Council Memo 1/17/2012
Potable Water Master Plan & Development Strategy (2016 Update)
Capital Improvements Projects (CIP) Broomfield CIP Division Construction New