Flatiron Improvement District

What is the Flatiron Improvement District (FID)?

The FID is a geographically defined taxing district that is able to generate revenue via a sales tax. It has three districts: Main Street at Flatiron, Flatiron Crossing, and Flatiron Marketplace.

The FID Board is appointed by the Broomfield Council.

FID areas

What can the Flatiron Improvement District do?

Under state law, the FID can use sales tax revenue for transportation services, equipment, facilities and related improvements to serve the district and surrounding areas at Board discretion.

The FID currently collects a 0.01% sales tax while the City contributes an amount equal to 25% of the District's sales tax collections (less the cost of the EcoPass program) to help fund the activities of the District. 

FID Board Representatives

Representative Area
Heather Drake (Chair) Flatiron Crossing
Kate Taggart (Vice-Chair) Flatiron Crossing
Dave Frieder Main Street at Flatiron
Rick Merkel Flatiron Marketplace
Hon. Austin Ward City Council Representative
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